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Finding Character In Nature by Mike Moats

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"The beautiful images and helpful tips in this inexpensive ebook make me want to get outside and shoot!"

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Finding Character In Nature by Mike Moats Photography Equipment Free Shipping
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Finding Character In Nature by Mike Moats is an e-book that will change the way you think the next time you go out to shoot.  Concentrating on macro and close-up photography, this book presents fantastic images and concepts from Mike. Learn to see your subjects and frame your compositions in a new way.
The word character is often used to describe a person who is a little different from the general population. People who dress in a flamboyant manner or act differently have a unique style: they stand out in a crowd and are noticed by others.
Photographic portraits often reveal a person’s individual character in the irregular features of their face and body. In the same way, photographic images can also highlight the distinctive qualities of subjects in nature. Finding the features that reveal the unique character of a flower, a leaf, a rock, or in patterns in the earth will cause your images to stand out as distinctive artistic expressions of the natural world.
This ebook is a 43 page PDF file.

Mike Moats is an award winning professional nature photographer from Sterling Heights, Michigan.
A prolific photographer, writer and workshop instructor, Mike has had articles and images published in Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Nature's Best Magazine, Nature Photographer Magazine, Photolife, Whisper In The Woods,Michigan Game Finder, NANPA’s Expressions Books, Pure Michigan Book, Fujifilms Newsletter and Tamron’s “Angle of View” Blog. Winner of numerous local and international awards, Mike is a member of the Fuji Pro Talent Team and a "Macro Master" for Tamron Lenses.