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Guide to Songbird Set-up Photography by Alan Murphy

Guide to Songbird Set-up Photography by Alan Murphy
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Guide to Songbird Set-up Photography by Alan Murphy
Why We Like it:
"Having assisted Alan on many of his workshops, I have to say that he is the master of songbird shots. You'll pick up a lot of what Alan teaches in this e-book."

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Guide to Songbird Set-up Photography by Alan Murphy Photography Equipment Free Shipping
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Discover the tips and tricks that Alan Murphy has been using to create exquisite images of songbirds on beautiful perches for nearly a decade.
In this e-book book you will learn how to:
  • Attract a variety of songbirds to your set-ups
  • Get birds to land exactly where you want them to!
  • Photograph hummingbirds in flight without a flash
  • Get hummingbirds to land on your perch
  • Create great set-ups for woodpeckers
  • Keep plants, leaves, and flowers alive and looking fresh
  • Get small songbirds to land on delicate perches
  • Get birds to land on cactus set-ups
  • Use the best type of bird feeder
  • Use suet with your set-ups
  • Work with fruit and berries
  • Build and work with water-drip ponds
  • Choose perches including the do's and doníts.  
  • Place, position, and secure perches at your set-up
  • Get ground birds on your stump set-ups
  • Turn nest boxes into natural looking tree cavities
  • Create set-ups for birds that frequent open fields and grasslands.
  • Attract elusive kingfishers to your set-up
  • Get low and in the water to create intimate images while remaining safe and dry
  • Set up for and create images of songbirds in flight

This e-book is lavishly illustrated not only with Alanís killer images but with dozens and dozens of step-by-step photos that will show you exactly how to create your own successful set-ups.  Alan's writing is clear and concise and his directions are easy-to-follow and inclusive.  

Even if you have only a small backyard, a patio or a balcony, Alan can help you to create stunning avian images on a consistent basis.

This e-book is a 106 page downloadable pdf.

Alan Murphy has been photographing songbirds for over 20 years, and has developed a distinctive style with perches that has gained him worldwide acclaim. 
Alanís numerous photo credits include National Geographic, Birding, Birders World, WildBird, Bird Watcherís Digest, North American Birds, Texas Birds, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Texas Highways, British Birds, Outdoor Alabama and more.
His photos are also published in various field guides, books, calendars, and postcards. Alan is both a Nikon Professional Services Member, and hosts several workshops yearly.