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Honl Photo Baby Bounce Kit with Speed Strap

Why We Like it:
"Stick the Baby Bounce in your bag for quick use when you need to bounce your flash.  Nice that the strap comes with it too!"
--John A.
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Honl Photo Baby Bounce Kit with Speed Strap Photography Equipment Free Shipping
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Designed with the mobile event photographer in mind, the Honl Photo Baby Bounce Kit kicks just the right amount of soft light on your subject, and holds securely on your flash with the included Honl Speed Strap. 

The Honl Speed Strap is in included with the Kit for added value.
Reversible, it can also be used as a flag or gobo when using as a background or hair light.
Throw this Baby into your bag and be ready for great light in an instant!
Measures 4" x 4" (10 x 10 cm)