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Honl Photo Color Correction Filter Gel Kit

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Honl Photo Color Correction Filter Gel Kit Photography Equipment Free Shipping
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Use Honl Color Correction filters to color correct your strobes for tungsten, fluorescent or cool daylight lighting environments.

These superior quality polyester lighting filters are pre-cut with velcro strips attached so they can be quickly fastened to a Speed Strap (sold separately). Honl Filters can be used in conjunction with Honl Snoots, Gobos and Grids.
The usable filter area is 2.5 x 4 (approx. 64mm x 102mm) and the filters can be trimmed to fit individual strobes.

Ten Filters are included (two of each):
  • 1/2 CTB (Color Temperature Blue): Use to adjust a tungsten light source to match daylight color balance. Also use on your flash in open shade or under blue skies.
  • Full CTO (Color Temperature Orange): Use varying CTO filters when operating your flash indoors under tungsten or halogen light. Also used to give a warm tone to your portraits.
  • 1/2 CTO
  • 1/4 CTO
  • Full CTO+Green: Use when operating your flash under fluorescent lights.

The easiest way to achieve proper balance is to have a professional white balance aid ( such as ExpoDisc), and first take a color balance reading immediately adjacent to the background light. After setting your camera with that color balance, experiment with the gel filters a few times, examining the skin tones of your subjects on your camera's screen.
When you find which gel renders your subjects most naturally, you then take a color balance reading with the gel in place upon your strobe, using the gel + strobe as the lighting source for your balance reading. Set your camera to this balance of color, and you're left with perfect skin tones and background lights which should appear quite natural.

The Lee filters supplied in the Color Correction filter kit can be used to change the color temperature of a flash to more closely match the ambient light. Reducing the difference in color between your flash (approx 5700K) and the ambient light will result in more consistent color in your image. The closer in color temperature those two light sources are (flash and ambient light), the easier it will be to get better color.

Use the CTB (Color Temperature Blue) filter when using the flash in cool, blue light, such as open shade, or blue skies.

Use the CTO (Color Temperature Orange) filters when using the flash indoors under halogen, or tungsten light.

Use the Plus Green filter when using the flash under greenish hued fluorescent lights.

CTB (Color Temperature Blue) - Converts 3200K to 5700K
CTO (Color Temperature Orange) - Converts 6500K to 3200K
1/2 CTO - Converts 6500K to 3800K
1/4 CTO - Converts 6500K to 4600K
Plus Green - Equivalent to CC30 green camera filter.