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Honl Photo Honeycomb Speed Grid for Flash

Why We Like it:
These Speed Grids are a great way for you to get creative with your speed light. Add the Honl gels, the possibilities are endless! 

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Honl Photo Honeycomb Speed Grid for Flash Photography Equipment Free Shipping
Speed Grid honeycomb cells narrow the beam of light from your portable flash unit, producing a small circle of light on your subject. Perfect for dramatic lighting effects.

Two versions are available, one with 1/4" grids and one with 1/8" grids. The 1/8" version produces a spot a few degrees narrower then the 1/4" version.

Speed Grids fit any shoe-mount and most handle-mount portable strobes. Attaches quickly and easily to a Speed Strap (available separately).
Usable honeycomb area is 3.5 x 2.25 (approx. 89mm x 58mm). Speed Grids are constructed of rugged ABS/polycarbonate.
The 1/8" Honl Speed Grid creates a more focused light, with less dispersion at the same distance.A Here is an example image comparing 1/8" Speed Grid (left) to the 1/4" Speed Grid (right) light output with the grids mounted on a Nikon SB-800 (zoom setting 50mm) positioned 5 feet from a white wall.