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"The Strato II Multi by Phottix radio flash trigger.

I was photographing in Indiana Caverns when my flash fell 45 feet into a pit. It hit the pit wall about ninety times or about every six inches. It just wouldn't stop hitting and land on the bottom. To top it off it was an archeological site and it had to lay in the wet mud overnight until a trained person could get the flash. The Vivitar 283 was trashed but the radio trigger works just fine. The Strato has been on about twenty cave photo trips and has worked perfectly. It is one tough piece of gear."
ken bailey

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Jobu Design Black Widow Jr.3 Gimbal Kit

Why We Like it:
Best in class small gimbal head! Smaller, stiffer, lighter and smoother!"

--OPG Team
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Jobu Design Black Widow Jr.3 Gimbal Kit Photography Equipment Free Shipping
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Photographers looking for a very small gimbal head will be thrilled with the new BWG-J3K Gimbal Head from Jobu Design. This new head is smaller, lighter, smoother and more compact than Jobu's earlier BWG-J2K head. Needle roller bearings allow smoother tilting under heavy loads and better adjustment of friction. Lockout force has been improved 200%, and overall durability has been improved in all aspects. The perfect travel companion, it easily fits into small pockets of your existing bags.

  • One-piece hollow, cast, heat treated body
  • Extreme stiffness for a small gimbal head
  • Overall 1.0 reduced height from Jr.2 head
  • 30 grams (1 oz) lighter than Jr.2 head
  • Weight: 1 lb 7 oz (771 g)
  • Includes removable swing-arm (HM-J2)
  • Includes Arca-Swiss compatible quick release
  • Needle roller bearings in tilt axis for smoothness
  • Rubberized knobs for cold and wet weather usage
  • Standard 3/8 tripod mount
  • Camera/Lens Capacity of 10lbs recommended

Recommended for lenses up to: 70-200 F2.8/F4, 300mm F2.8/F4, 100-400 zoom, 150-400 zoom, 400mm F5.6, 400mm DO.

NOTE: Due to the compact design of this head, pro sized camera bodies and bodies with battery grips will have limited vertical tilt when used with short lenses such as the Canon 70-200 f4. With such a lens your camera body balances very close to the base of the gimbal thus limiting how far the swing arm will tilt.

Please see Resources Tab for gimbal head sizing guide.


Gimbal Gimbal Weight

Size (HxW)

Recommended lens and camera weight

Max Weight Capacity
BWG-Pro Gimbal 3lbs 5 oz 11.5" x 9" 10-20lbs (ie 600mm F4) 35lbs+
2lbs 11oz 11" x 8.5" 5-12lbs (ie 200-400 F4/500 F4) 25lbs
1lb 7oz 8" x 8" 5-10lbs (ie 50-500, 400 F5.6) 12lbs

* Please note that you can get excellent image results with gimbals rated GOOD. Kits labelled RECOMMENDED offer easier handling and loading for larger lenses.

Please note Jobu gimbals do not come with a lensplate unless otherwise specified.