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Its exactly what I ordered with all the info I need to use the product.
You guys rock!"
Alena Fears

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Jobu Design Surefoot Clamp Plate

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Jobu Design Surefoot Clamp Plate  Photography Equipment Free Shipping
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The Jobu Designs Surefoot Clamp Plate allows you to have the functionality of both an Arca-Swiss type of plate and a quick-release clamp.
The Surefoot Clamp has many uses:
1. Attach it under your camera body with an Arca-Swiss body plate to produce a useful macro slider.
2. Use it in your gimbal head (with a body plate on camera) to allow enough clearance to fit your camera for wide-angle shots.
3. Create a panoramic or VR setup.  Ideally used with  the Jobu BWG-HD2, it is very easy to setup the correct nodal point for X, Y, Z axis
4.  Mount a camera, camcorder or lens to any tripod head that has an Arca-Swiss style clamp.
Length:  3"  (7.6 cm)
Weight:  1.4 oz  (41 g)