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Kinesis Tripod Bag

Kinesis Tripod Bag
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Kinesis Tripod Bag Photography Equipment Free Shipping
Kinesis Tripod Bags help you carry your tripod with ease.
Carry your tripod bag via the existing handles, attach a shoulder strap, or carry as a backpack with the Kinesis Padded Harness. Specifically designed for tripods, these bags are constructed of 500 denier Nylon Cordura Plus. 
Each bag has compression straps, harness attachement points and a zippered side pocket.

Kinesis Tripod Bags come in three sizes and are tailored for attached gimbal heads:

Please see the Specifications tab for sizing information and dimensions.
SKU: T620
Small: For a single tripod or monopod with a ball head, up to 31" (79cm).
Medium: For a tripod with a ball head or gimbal head up to a combined length of 34.25" (87cm). The diameter of this bag ranges from 6" (15cm) to 8.25" (21cm) to accommodate larger heads.
Large: For a tripod and/or a light stand with lengths up to 42.5" (108cm). Large enough to hold two light stands with a tripod and fitted with an internal umbrella pocket. The diameter of this bag ranges from 7.5" (19cm) to 9.8" (25cm) to accommodate larger heads.


Length: 31" (79cm)
Diameter: 6" (15cm)
Volume: 670 cubic inches (11 liters)
Weight: 11 oz (317g)


Length: 34.25" (87cm)
Diameter: small end 6" (15cm)A large end 8.25" (21cm)
Volume: 1130 cubic inches (18.5 liters)
Weight: 17 oz (490g)


Length: 42.5" (108cm)
Diameter: small end 7.5" (19cm)A large end 9.8" (25cm)
Volume: 2000 cubic inches (33 liters)
Weight: 21 oz (560g)