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My order arrived as scheduled and the personal touches in the packing was a delight. It is so nice to feel that one's business is appreciated -- I did."
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Mike Moats Macro Light Control Kit

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Mike Moats Macro Light Control Kit Photography Equipment Free Shipping
This item's status is: Available for immediate delivery. We keep our inventory in store to ship promptly, and to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to give us a call at 866-810-2456 or order now by adding to your cart.
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Control your macro light like a pro with the Mike Moats Macro Light Control Kit.  With this handy combination of tools, you can use and control your light sources to shoot all day long, indoors or out.
With this Kit, you can either hand-hold your diffuser or reflector, or use the Wimberley Plamp II to hold one or the other.  The Plamp II is also great for holding flowers or other objects stationary while shooting.
The Mike Moats Macro Light Control Kit includes:
12" Silver/Gold Reflector
12" Diffuser Panel
Wimberley Plamp II Articulating Arm & Clamp
Finding Character in Nature ebook by Mike

List price on these items purchased separately is $92.80, but we are able to bring the Mike Moats Macro Light Control Kit to you at a discounted price of $69.95.
Keep this compact kit with you in your bag on your shoot, and make the most of your available light!