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"The Strato II Multi by Phottix radio flash trigger.

I was photographing in Indiana Caverns when my flash fell 45 feet into a pit. It hit the pit wall about ninety times or about every six inches. It just wouldn't stop hitting and land on the bottom. To top it off it was an archeological site and it had to lay in the wet mud overnight until a trained person could get the flash. The Vivitar 283 was trashed but the radio trigger works just fine. The Strato has been on about twenty cave photo trips and has worked perfectly. It is one tough piece of gear."
ken bailey

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My First Impressions of Bosque del Apache | e-book by Denise Ippolito

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My First Impressions of Bosque del Apache | e-book by Denise Ippolito Photography Equipment Free Shipping
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When Denise first visited Bosque del Apache, the photographic opportunities including the overwhelming number of birds along with the gorgeous sunrise and sunset colors took her by surprise. She fell in love with the natural beauty of the place as many of us do.  Denise said "it felt as though my soul was touched".
When she returned home she immediately started writing down her thoughts and compiling images to share this magical place. For those wonder what the draw to Bosque is, this ebook will show you and tell you.  You'll be inspired to create the type of images that only come from deep inside and free your inner creativity.  See new ideas and thoughts about this favorite place for many photographers!
This ebook is a downloadable 127 page PDF file.