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Op/Tech Dual Harness

Op/Tech Dual Harness
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Op/Tech Dual Harness
Why We Like it:
I really like how easy it is to carry two pro-body cameras and longer lenses without wearing myself down.  Now I take longer walks with my gear more often. 

--Stewart R.
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The Dual Harness from OP/TECH is a comfortable and versatile way to carry one or two cameras or binoculars.

The Dual Harness U-shaped neoprene neck pad evenly distributes the weight of your gear, absorbs the shock of your movements, and keeps your gear stabilized and within your grasp. Your cameras can be quickly and easily brought to the proper shooting position with self-gliding connectors.
As the Dual Harness incorporates OP/TECH USA's System Connectors, your tripod mount is available to use for brackets and other adaptors. These connectors also make it possible to quickly switch to another OP/TECH USA neck strap when desired.

The interchangeable design enables you to convert from a dual to a single shoulder sling system, and the removable chest strap gives you that extra measure of security.

Available in two sizes:
  • Regular: Chest 34" to 44" (86 - 112 cm)
  • Extra Long: Chest 44" to 56" (112 - 142 cm)

See the Specifications tab for sizing information.
SKU: 6501032