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"I am delighted!

This order, for a Think Tank Retrospective 5, was delivered this morning.  This is close to a record for delivery half way across the world.

The Retro 5 is just as expected - my lightweight travel kit of everything I wish / need to carry into remote locations has found a very comfortable and convenient new home.

Many thanks, and please pass my best wishes on to all the folk at OPG."
Leigh P.

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PowerPax A9 Pack Battery Caddy

PowerPax A9 Pack Battery Caddy
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PowerPax A9 Pack Battery Caddy
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PowerPax A9 Pack Battery Caddy  Photography Equipment Free Shipping
PowerPax A9 Pack Battery Caddy  Reviewed in the Blog
The PowerPax Battery Caddy solves the problem of how to conveniently store your batteries in a compact and easy to find holder. Originally designed for pilots, the Battery Caddy is also great for photography, camping, travel or home use.
The PowerPax A9 Battery Caddy is one of the most popular caddies.  It holds 4 AAA, one 9 volt and 8 AA batteries.  A full selection for travel!
  • Store your batteries in a compact, easy to find caddy.
  • Dispense batteries with one hand, even in the dark, for safety and convenience.
  • Terminal protection at both ends regardless of how the battery is inserted.
  • Unique, easy to dispense locking mechanism.

Available in High Visibility Orange, Yellow, Black, Military Green and Moonshine (Glow In The Dark)