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Preparation, Photography and Processing by Jack Graham

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Preparation, Photography and Processing by Jack Graham Photography Equipment Free Shipping
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Preparation, Photography and Processing by Jack Graham encompasses three important steps in making quality photographs.
PREPARATION:  Preparation is essential for a good photograph.  Few photographers actually prepare properly for a day in the field. Jack explains why to prepare, how to prepare and reasons that preparation is important.
PHOTOGRAPHY:  In this section Jack discusses everyday compositional issues, and adds subtle extra steps that can make a good image a great one. Concentrating on Macro and Landscape compositions, Jack gives insights into factors to incorporate and factors to avoid.  Easy to understand concepts are discussed and depicted in this image filled section.
PROCESSING: This section is a reference guide to process nature photography images.  Jack covers Adobe Lightroom and CS4, as well as NIK software plugins. This section covers topics such as:
  • Why Lightroom® and CS4® are both important and how to integrate both intoyour workflow.
  • Examples of processing, controversial processing, photo-art, and processing tools.
  • How to properly evaluate an image.
  • Typical workflow incorporating Lightroom®, Photoshop® and NIK Software.
  • Processing challenges such as avoiding over processing, bad cropping, over sharpening.

This book is a 50 page pdf file.

A lifetime nature photographer and hailing from Portland Oregon, Jack Graham conducts workshops in the Eastern Sierras, the canyonlands and deserts of the southwestern United States, and the Pacific Northwest.   He conducts “Photo Classroom in the Field®” workshops throughout the United States as well as workshops for the Great American Photography Weekend and Strabo Tours. Jack is also on the faculty of the Pacific Northwest Art School in Washington and is a features writer for Landscape Photography Magazine.