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High Quality Photography Gear from OPG

Welcome to Outdoor Photo Gear

At Outdoor Photo Gear, “outdoor” photography covers quite a bit of ground. Any field of photography might take one into the outdoors, and in many cases the deep wilderness is the only place that you can get that great shot. In the wild, quality photography gear is essential, gear that goes far beyond cameras and lenses. At Outdoor Photo Gear, our own love of photography has led us to create the store where we always wanted to shop. Here we sell photography gear designed to withstand rugged environments and many years of use, and to look great in any setting.

Prepare for Everything!

At Outdoor Photo Gear, working with our photography gear is like a working in a giant candy store that caters to what we love most. Our firsthand experience with the photography gear we sell allows us to provide recommendations and suggestions for our customers with unparalleled detail and care. At Outdoor Photo Gear, we want to be there for you, so you can capture the perfect shot. And to make online buying easier than ever, we offer free shipping to the Continental US.

A Complete Inventory

We stock a wide array of specialized apparel for helping you get the shot no matter what shooting conditions. We have quality overshoes and winter gloves that won’t get in the way of operating your photography gear. You’ll reach for our quality weather apparel even when you’re not taking photos. Our gear matters to us as photographers, and that’s why we want to help you find what matters to you.

The Best Gear, the Right Gear

We want to provide you more than just brand-name photography gear. We want you to have the right gear for the job, no matter where your passion takes you. From a clear mountain lake to a busy urban street we can get you what you need. From rain covers and camera cases designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, to lightweight tripods and monopods for extreme portability, we have gear for your every setting.

Go Forth and Shoot!

Photography is no longer an exclusive hobby. It’s in the mainstream now, made possible by incredible advances in computer and imaging technology. The gear to protect your cameras and lenses should have the same modern technological advancements. With our specialized backpacks and high-tech tripods, there’s no harsh terrain or tight space that you can’t make work to get your shot. With our collective years of expertise in the field of photography, and our complimentary free shipping, we offer an unparalleled service experience that we can promise you won’t find at a big name store. Browse our selection today and find the quality photography gear you need.



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