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"The 7D + 500/f4 L fits perfectly in the top compartment and there's a even a nifty strap there to secure it plus there's a ton of room in the compartment below for all kinds of goodies... I wish a few of the other manufacturers out there paid attention to Kata's super intelligent design! This bag is going to work out perfectly for me!
Thanks again to you and your staff, and for the great deal! You've got a customer for life!"
Chris B.

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Rick Sammon On-Location Lighting Kit by Westcott

Why We Like it:
"Everything you need to take great portraits while on the move. Explore the light!"

--Rick Sammon
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Rick Sammon On-Location Lighting Kit by Westcott Photography Equipment Free Shipping
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Our friend Rick Sammon has hand-picked this On-Location Travel Lighting Kit to make it easy for you to turn snapshots into great shots.
This compact, lightweight carry-kit includes a diffuser to soften highlights, a reflector to redirect light, a Micro Apollo that attaches to any accessory flash, and tote for travel. An affordable and practical lighting accessory that makes it easy for anyone to control light for wonderful outdoor portraiture.
Reflect or diffuse light with the included panels, and soften the harsh light from your flash with the Micro Apollo.
Kit includes:
  • 30" (76 cm) Two-Stop Diffuser
  • 30" (76 cm) Sunlight/Silver Reflector
  • Micro Apollo that attaches to any accessory flash
  • 12" (30 cm) diameter Lightweight Tote

Total Kit Weight:  2 lbs ( .907 kg)
SKU: WC1018