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S4 Gear LockDown Binocular Optics Deployment System

S4 Gear LockDown Binocular Optics Deployment System
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S4 Gear LockDown Binocular Optics Deployment System
S4 Gear LockDown Binocular Optics Deployment System
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S4 Gear LockDown Binocular Optics Deployment System Photography Equipment Free Shipping
The S4 Gear LockDown Binocular Optics Deployment System is the right stuff to keep your optics on-hand and "bounce proof". A pliable cover keeps water and dust off the lenses, while the shock-corded bungees keep your binos from bouncing around. It's very comfortable and easy to put on.
Available in two models:  Regular for binos 6"-7.5" and Micro for binos 4"-6"
  • Anti-bounce Technology to keep your binos secure to your chest so you can walk, run or climb without your binos bouncing around.
  • Tension Free Glassing allows you to draw your binoculars to your face with a single motion. The 50-50 pre-load design utilizes the ShockCord Security strap for maximum protection during storage while being completely free of load during use.
  • Moldable Security Cover protects a wide variety of optics. The laminated design features scratch resistant materials inside, an aluminum core for memory and a durable noise resistant fabric for the exterior.
  • Multiple Adjustments for personalized sizing and comfort.
  • Shock Cord Security Straps fasten tightly to your optics for maximum security while still maintaining tension free glassing.
  • Streamlined Straps are lightweight, silent and designed to be compatible with backpacks.

See Specifications tab for model size information and Detailed Info tab for fitting and adjustment instructions.

SKU: LD1000

Sizing & Adjustment

Step 1: Start by putting the harness system on you with no binoculars installed. The first adjustment should be your elastic waistband for size. Insert the buckles from the bottom portion of the “Y” around your  mid-section and attach to the buckles on the binocular shield.

Step 2: Adjust, so the system is snug, excess band should be tucked through the loop material so it does not hang or drape.

Step 3: Adjust the position of the binocular shield on your chest to your preference. The torso or chest area adjustment allows for approximately 4-6” of adjustment. The tri-glide buckle adjusts up for a lower  positioning, down for a higher position on your chest.

Installing your Binoculars

Step 4: Prep your binoculars by installing the split rings and/or zip ties to the neckstrap attachment points on your binoculars.

Step 5: Without attaching the binoculars to the shock cord, slide them under the hood and adjust for clearance. Fold the bottom flap over the bottom lenses and hook the flap cord to the hook on the front of the hood. To accommodate different lengths of binoculars, there are adjusters behind the bottom flap of the shield to lengthen or shorten the elastic flap cord. You can set the tension to your preference.

Step 6: Once your binoculars are installed and hooked inside the shield you can press down and mold the
hood to fit tight for a low clearance setup. The binocular shield is made with an aluminum core that is semimoldable.

Step 7: Attach the shock cord hooks to the metal rings on your binoculars. Next adjust the shock cord. This should be done while standing straight up and is easier with the help of another person. The shock cord is routed through tunnels on the front of the LockDown and has a pull style adjustment cord lock behind your neck. Set the tension so the weight of your binoculars is split 50% between the elastic bands attaching your harness to the shield and the shock cord. If you tighten the shock cord too much it will start to pull the
shield up, too little makes the system less tight to the body. Tuck the excess loop of the shock cord under the sewn tab for a clean appearance.

Your system is now set to your size, shape of optics and preference.