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The Hummingbird Guide by Linda Robbins with Arthur Morris

Why We Like it:
The Hummingbird Guide will teach you to take amazing hummingbird photos in your own back yard.

óDavid G.
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The Hummingbird Guide by Linda Robbins with Arthur Morris Photography Equipment Free Shipping
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Flash hummingbird photography is a highly detailed and technical method of photography that produces stunning results. There is only a smattering of information available online and in various books about this wonderful yet complex technique.

Linda Robbins has assembled everything that you need to know to get started in this highly specialized field of photography in a pleasingly designed, easy-to-read format.

This guide is comprehensive in its scope. Among the topics covered are:

  • Choosing cameras and lenses
  • Suitable tripods and tripod heads
  • Choosing and purchasing suitable flashes
  • Choosing and setting up your feeder
  • How to create your artificial backgrounds
  • Flash and background placement
  • Determining the right exposure
  • Explanation of the flash theory involved
  • Digital and Photoshop considerations
  • Dealing with ants, bees and wasps at the set-up
  • Dealing with the guarding hummers that keep others away
  • Best photographic strategies including focus-acquisition tips
  • Introducing perches to the set-up
  • Selecting flowers and adding them to the set-up