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The Joy Factory BubbleShield for 7" Tablets & eBooks

Why We Like it:
Affordable protection for your tablet.  Why not?

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The Joy Factory BubbleShield for 7" Tablets & eBooks Photography Equipment Free Shipping
The inexpensive BubbleShield allows you to use and even shoot video with your tablet or e-reader at the poolside or in a muddy field. Use your Android tablet as a trail map, or follow that new macro tutorial on your iPad…all without worrying about the weather. The BubbleShield is the new must-have mobile companion for adventurers, outdoor photographers, hikers, and anyone using a tablet in the real world.
Double the Protection
The BubbleShield utilizes a dual-zip enclosure to ensure your device is safe from water, mud and sand.  And what’s more, the BubbleShield sleeve is super-strong yet magically thin, ensuring your touch screen doesn’t miss a single gesture.
The BubbleShield sleeve is designed to endure one messy onslaught after another. For multiple uses, just wipe down the outside with a damp cloth and you’re good to go.  And if you’re afraid your extreme adventures are about to annihilate your BubbleShield, fear not…every package comes with several more, so you’re never far away from a fresh start.
Make Calls, Take photos, Shoot Video
Now there’s no need to choose between protecting your device and using it to the max.  The BubbleShield is certainly water-resistant, but it is also sound-permeable and photo-ready.  That way you can video-chat with friends, watch the latest photography tutorial video, or take pictures of your friends right from the middle of the action.
Yes, it fits that too…
The BubbleShield comes in three sizes to fit every mobile device.  In addition to the BubbleShield for large tablets there is also a BubbleShield for smartphones and one for e-readers and mid-sized tablets. The Bubbleshield can even be attached to a carabiner or lanyard to connect to your backpack, diaperbag, or purse.
Compatible with devices: 24cm x 19cm x 1cm (5cm height with a smaller L x W)