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"Found this site through Martin Bailey and so glad I did. Lots of valuable information and interesting selection of products.

Ordered the Gura Gear Kiboko 22L+ Backpack on Tuesday and it was in my hands the next day. I happen to live in the same FedEx delivery zone, so that helps but it demonstrates how quickly they turned the order around."
Don Burkett

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The Softer Side of Macro | e-book by Denise Ippolito and edited by Arthur Morris

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The Softer Side of Macro | e-book by Denise Ippolito and edited by Arthur Morris Photography Equipment Free Shipping
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The Softer Side of Macro by Denise Ippolito and edited by Arthur Morris is illustrated with Denise’s signature soft approach to flowers as she explains her techniques for capturing and creating this pleasing side of macro photography.

Many photographers doing macro/flower work love to create super sharp images often using small apertures and flash. Denise much prefers the opposite approach: the softer side of macro.  She loves using soft natural light and wide apertures. In "The Softer Side of Macro" she shares the techniques that she uses to create a wide variety of dreamy, surreal flower images. She includes both in-the-field and post-processing tips.
In her introduction, Denise writes, "When I photograph flowers my intent is to present a softer look. I like the way the colors of the flowers blend together. The soft romantic feel of the flowers appeals to me. I have always liked impressionistic paintings, paler color tones and delicate things. Lately I have been leaning toward slightly brighter flowers but pink and white remain my favorites."
Topics covered include:
  • Where and how to focus (or not), choosing the best perspective
  • Designing the image
  • Choosing and using the right shutter speed and aperture
  • Creating soft/sharp merges
  • Choosing and creating your backgrounds
  • Seeing and using the light
  • Using natural light in your home
  • Image processing tips
  • Inverse Layer Mask tutorial
  • The Orton effect

This ebook is a downloadable 73 page PDF file.