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"Found this site through Martin Bailey and so glad I did. Lots of valuable information and interesting selection of products.

Ordered the Gura Gear Kiboko 22L+ Backpack on Tuesday and it was in my hands the next day. I happen to live in the same FedEx delivery zone, so that helps but it demonstrates how quickly they turned the order around."
Don Burkett

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Vibrant Colors by Varina and Jay Patel

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Vibrant Colors by Varina and Jay Patel Photography Equipment Free Shipping
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Vibrant Colors by Varina and Jay Patel is about capturing rich colors directly through your lens.

The Patels discuss eight important factors to consider in your search for intense colors –from geology and weather to exposure and white balance. This eBook is strikingly beautiful as well as useful-–showcasing the stunning photographic works of the award-winning authors.

Varina and Jay are often asked about the vibrant colors in their photographs. People ask if they crank up the saturation in Photoshop or use special film to create an enhanced effect.  Although they don’t believe there’s anything wrong with adjusting colors in Photoshop, they rarely think about enhancing colors in post process. For Varina and Jay, the art of capturing a colorful image begins in the field.

Their clear, down-to-earth teaching style makes this eBook an excellent learning tool for amateurs and professionals alike.

This eBook is a 33 page pdf file.