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"Found this site through Martin Bailey and so glad I did. Lots of valuable information and interesting selection of products.

Ordered the Gura Gear Kiboko 22L+ Backpack on Tuesday and it was in my hands the next day. I happen to live in the same FedEx delivery zone, so that helps but it demonstrates how quickly they turned the order around."
Don Burkett

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Visible Dust Sensor Loupe 7X BriteVue

Visible Dust Sensor Loupe 7X BriteVue
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Visible Dust Sensor Loupe 7X BriteVue
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Visible Dust Sensor Loupe 7X BriteVue Photography Equipment Free Shipping
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Check your sensor with confidence!

The new Visible Dust Brite Vue Sensor Loupe 7x is even brighter and has the ability to reveal the smallest dust particles and any other contaminants on your sensor, before or after sensor cleaning.

The Sensor Loupe 7X utilizes advanced features such as BriteVue XL technology with high quality K9 optical glass, known for its high resolution and clarity. In addition, the Sensor Loupe 7X has six super bright LEDs with vari-angled orientation to help create a 3D image of dust particles.
The high quality optical glass is coated with MgF2 for a sharp crystal clear image in order to reduce chromatic aberrations and to achieve the highest optical resolution possible.

The high caliber materials used in construction of the SensorLoupe provide a high resolution, distortion free, crystal clear image of the sensor.

The Sensor Loupe 7X is an indispensable tool for photographers.


  • Compact design
  • Easy on/off switch
  • Neck Strap
  • Carrying case with belt clip
SKU: VD35998391