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Wimberley Module 9: M-9 Wimberley Head Version II Module

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Wimberley Module 9:  M-9 Wimberley Head Version II Module Photography Equipment Free Shipping
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The Wimberley Module 9:  M-9 Wimberley Head Version II Module serves as both the vertical upright and the quick-release attachment for the F-9 Wimberley Head Version II Flash Bracket.  It attaches directly to the Wimberley Head Version II, folds for easy storage, and elevates the mounting point for your flash 5.5" (140 mm) above the center axis of your lens.
Dimensions Flat:  8.75" x 1.5" x 1"  (216 x 38 x 25 mm)
Weight:  3 oz  (85 g)

Get more information on Wimberley’s Flash Brackets here.
Learn how to connect your flash to a Wimberly Flash Bracket here.

*Please note that due to the manufacturer's policy, Wimberley brand products are not eligible for promotional discounts.
SKU: M-9
Module 9 is a key component in most Wimberley flash bracket setups.

Wimberley Flash Brackets bring a new level of versatility and functionality to the world of flash photography.

Modular Design

Wimberley's unique modular design allows you to add components and reconfigure your brackets to meet nearly any photographic need. The components of the system connect to one another simply and securely without tools. Connections are solid and cannot twist, creep, or slip apart. All knobs are captive.

Quick-Release Attachment

Wimberley's flash brackets feature a low-profile Arca-Swiss style quick-release clamp. This makes setting up your flash a breeze. No tools needed and no screws to lose.


Wimberley's flash brackets work best with Wimberley quick-release plates, but will often work with other Arca-Swiss style plates.