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Blinds, Camo & Seating

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Wildlife photographers can benefit immensely from using blinds or camouflage. Get closer than ever to your subjects without interrupting their natural behaviors. Catch moments you never thought possible while remaining hidden and safe.

Grab a Protective Photography Blind

The photography blinds in our collection are designed specifically with the wildlife photographer in mind. They keep you and your gear out of sight.

Doghouse Blinds

These photography blinds offer extra space so you can move around without alarming the wildlife. Our Ameristep Doghouse Blind provides room for two people and their gear, or room for a single person and extra supplies. It is weatherproof and includes stakes to keep it secure in strong winds. The dark interior makes it easy to remain unseen even with the windows down.

Outhouse Blinds

These are the perfect photography blinds for a single shooter. The Ameristep Outhouse Camo Blind provides enough room to stand but remains very portable. It’s weatherproof and includes tie downs, so you can keep shooting in rainy and windy weather. Check out our tripod selection for the perfect tripod to use under your blind.


The Walkstool Comfort Lightweight Portable Seat is an ideal addition to your photography blind. It's designed to curb the likelihood of sinking into mud or sand, and it comes in multiple sizes to suit your needs. Add the Walkstool Steady Supplemental Stabilizer and you’ll be ready for any conditions you might encounter.

If you are going to be hiking any distance, you should consider a hybrid hiking / photography backpack, like the Mindshift Gear Rotation 180 Professional Photo Backpack. It provides room for all your photo gear, plus a hydration bladder and space for extra clothing.

For extra protection from the elements while you are not using a photography blind, check out our apparel section. For extra weather protection for your equipment, we have an excellent selection of gear protection that can keep you shooting in all kinds of weather.

Not sure which photography blind is perfect for you? Give us a call and we can help you figure out what you might need for your next outdoor adventure. Plus, we offer free US shipping! Call us at (866) 810-2456 or shoot us an email at