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BosStrap Generation 3 LT Sliding Sling Strap - Black

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Product Description

This item is a trade show sample and is unused otherwise.

The BosStrap Generation 3 LT Sliding Sling Strap (Black) is designed to carry lighter weight mirrorless cameras and video cameras.

This two part system consists of the BosStrap plus a Generation 3 BosTail which attaches to the left strap lug of your camera, leaving your tripod socket free and letting your camera sit flat. The Tail can be separated from your camera for flexibility.

When in use, this strap allows you to easily slide your camera up to shooting position and, when done, slide it down where it gently rests against your hip. This strap is 64" long, allowing plenty of room for your camera to hang over your shoulder, and 1" wide, with no shoulder pad necessary. Best for cameras under 3 lbs.

For both right-handed and left-handed shooters.

Extra Tails are available for multiple cameras.

Metal (but not in the G3 tail), acetal (thermoplastic), nylon

Attachment Method
Back buckles to left camera strap lug

BosStrap: 64.0" (1.6 m)
Op Tail Size: 0.4" (1.0 cm) wide, 12.0" (30.5 cm) long

1.0" (2.5 cm)

Breaking Strength
1100 lb (499.0 kg) test

2.4 oz (68.0 g)

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