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4th Generation Designs

When you have the right gear everything is easier. Increase your options and get more out of your camera and tripod with quality items from 4th Generation Designs. A step ahead of the designs you’re used to, this collection of lightweight original and replacement parts let you get a better handle on your equipment and makes packing up easier, too.

Mongoose Gimbal Head

This gimbal head is the lightest and most compact on the market, yet still holds the heaviest of lenses. A gimbal head lets you get a shot of moving animals and birds in flight.

Replacement Foot

Rotation collars allow you to easily switch between landscape and portrait without ever having to remove your camera from the tripod. They also help to improve the balance of your camera, giving you a setup that is more stable. Get a better handle on your lens while it is on the tripod head by using a 4th Generation Designs replacement foot. The foot will:

  • Lower the lens height

  • Decrease the center of gravity

  • Ease the packing process

Don’t Loose Your Feet!

Get more peace of mind with GumDrops. These “drops” are great for traveling and offer a non-permanent option for threads to make tripod feet more secure.

Mongoose Head Integrated Arms

Two seconds. That is all the time it takes to attach the Integrated Flash Mountto your Mongoose. Once it’s on there, you’ll enjoy a flash eight inches above your camera. This flash mount is fixed for long distance shooting and recommended for nature photoshoots.

The 4th Generation DesignsLow Mount Arm attaches and unmounts in two minutes. Get a semi-permanent low or bottom mount fixture that only adds five ounces to the Mongoose.

Enjoy free shipping within the U.S, on your 4th Generation items. Not sure what the best additions are for your set-up? We are here to help! Reach us via phone at 866-810-2456 or send us an email at