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Camera Straps Clips Holsters

Camera holsters are designed to give you quick access to your camera and make it just as fast and easy to put away. From straps designed for point and shoots to camera holsters designed for hold pro DSLRs, we have what you want. If you are not sure what you need, give us a call and we can help you decide the best type for your adventures.


Some camera holsters can be attached to backpack harnesses, like ourPeak Design Gear and, and others are designed to be worn on a belt, like the Spider Holster Black Widow Camera Holster.  Whichever you prefer, holsters can be an invaluable addition to your gear.

Double Camera Straps and Holsters

For photographers who need to carry two cameras, double camera straps are a necessity. Keeping two cameras easily accessible and secure means you won’t miss a moment while fumbling with your gear.

Sport Straps

Sport straps are designed to keep your camera secure and accessible no matter what you find yourself doing. They come in both right and left-handed versions. Some sports straps, like our Trekking Safari Sport Strap, come with straps that allow you to add a variety of accessories you might need on an adventure, like a pair of binoculars.

Backpack Camera Mounts

If you want to keep your camera easily accessible without adding extra straps or camera holsters, consider adding a camera mount to your backpack strap.

  • Peak Design Capture Clip attaches to your backpack’s strap and has a quick release system, giving you fast and easy access to your camera.
  • The Think Tank Photo Backpack Connection Kit attaches your Think Tank Digital Holster to any Think Tank backpack and keeps your camera secure and easy to reach.
  • The Black Rapid BackPack Strap provides a sling type strap to attach directly to your pack.

Straps and Strap Extenders

We have straps to suit everyone from the most casual point and shoot user to the most extreme outdoor adventure photographer. If you need a bit more length added to your strap, try a strap extender. If you just want something with more padding, try a Black Rapid RS-7 Camera Strap. The curved shoulder pad and lightweight design make it much easier to wear than standard camera straps.  

If you don’t like long camera straps, wrist straps are a good alternative to keep your camera safe from being dropped. Our Black Rapid Wrist Strap will keep your camera safe in your hand with minimal fuss.

If you have questions about camera holsters or professional camera straps, give us a call! We can give you a personal recommendation. And don't forget, we offer free US shipping! Call us at (866) 810-2456 or email us at