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DUST-AID Platinum DSLR Camera Sensor Cleaner

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Dust-Aid Platinum's specially engineered cleaning silicone is perfectly safe for use upon any sensor filter. No more dragging dry brushes and their accumulated dust across the sensor filter, which could lead to scratching. Just press and lift a couple of times and you're done

Dust-Aid's Platinum DSLR Cleaner is made from a specially manufactured silicone with a patent-pending micro texture on the cleaning surface which helps to stop the formation of a vacuum seal when it's applied to a surface.
When the silicone is depressed on a surface, the micro texture flattens out and adheres to any dust or fibers. Then, when the pressure is released, the micro texture flexes back into place and allows air in, breaking the vacuum seal, reducing the adhesion strength and the impact of the cleaning.
It's now possible to clean any sensor filter, no matter what its coating or internal dust removal system (IDRS) filter housing happens to be.

Includes 6 silicone cleaning applications. Additional cleaning strips may be purchased here.

Product Videos

Dust-Aid Platinum DSLR sensor cleaning up close 01:04

Here is a video of Dust-Aid Platinum cleaning dust off of a Nikon 300D sensor housing. It's pretty easy and effective.

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