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Hoya HD3 Circular Polarizer Filter

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The Hoya HD3 Circular Polarizer Filter uses chemically-hardened high-transparency optical glass to boost color saturation, clarity, and contrast without affecting overall color balance of your image. It reduces background haze by removing unwanted reflections and glare from non-metallic surfaces like glass or water, allowing for clearer photographs of the sky and foliage. By using a circular polarizer—as opposed to a linear polarizer—you gain a quarter wave plane that prevents any loss of usability of your camera’s autofocus and exposure functions. The HD3 filter contains 16 layers (8 on each side) of tough anti-reflection Nano coating that is water, stain, and scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Hoya’s HD3 filters provide over 92% light transmission for truer colors.

Type: Circular Polarizer
Filter Factor: 1.25 (0.3 stop)
Multi-Coated: Yes
Effect: Eliminates reflections and haze while improving color and tonal saturation
Construction: Chemically-hardened Optical glass, Aluminum frame