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Photography can be equal parts fun and science, but it’s certainly possible to have the most fun when you’ve already nailed down the “science” part. It takes an intuitive eye and a creative mind to get the best shots possible, but having the right equipment is also a very important part of that equation. Without the right gear at your disposal, photography can be a lot more difficult and a lot more of a headache, which is exactly why we at Outdoor Photo Gear keep a supply of the best photo gear around ready for you, whenever you need it. Looking for a great Jobu Design gimbal head? We’ve got a ton of them, each one a product that we’ve used and grown to trust ourselves.

The Best of Jobu Design

Outdoor Photography Gear isn’t just another online store. Rather, we’re a group of photography enthusiasts who are dedicated to bringing you the best gear possible. Everything we keep in stock, each Jobu gimbal head and every single tripod or monopod, has been used and vetted by a member of our staff. That’s why you can rest assured when the time comes to pick out a new Jobu gimbal head from our selection, you know you’re going to be dealing with a trustworthy product.

Photography gear needs to be reliable, and you need a reliable source to connect you with that gear. Outdoor Photo Gear is here for you: we have a staff of experts, and our team members are standing by, ready to help you pick out the equipment that suits your needs.


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