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LensAlign Fusion Integrated AF Calibration System

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The LensAlign Fusion Integrated AF Calibration System includes the LensAlign MkII Focus Calibration System and FocusTune Calibration Software for use with DSLRs featuring autofocus micro-adjustment.

The LensAlign assembles into a system that offers a dual-sided focus target and a focus display ruler and works with the FocusTune software to provide accurate measurements and readings of the information.

To use, place the LensAlign on a table or mount on a tripod, and with your DSLR on a second tripod, use the True Parallel Alignment feature to accurately align camera and target. With the aperture open as much as possible, focus your lens onto the target and see your lens's focus error on the display ruler. These images are then used in the suite of tests included in FocusTune to provide you with accurate results.

Afterward, enter the data garnered into your camera's menu and to adjust the auto focus to be precise. Your camera will retain that information to be utilized each time you use that specific lens.

This bundle includes license keys for both Mac and Windows and can be installed on 2 computers simultaneously.


  • A front sighting plate with precision focus target and TPA sighting ports
  • True Parallel Alignment is the basis that provides visual verification of perfect camera positioning during AF calibration
  • The MkII system disassembles easily for storage and travel
  • Suite of tests including AF tuning, AF consistency, focus point compare, best aperture, and more
  • Sharpness Analysis Engine provides you with the necessary data to make adjustments to your lenses and cameras
  • FocusTune Calibration Software
  • Precise Autofocus Adjustment
  • Corrects Front/Back Focusing Problems
  • True Parallel Alignment System
  • Dual-Sided Ruler for Display Options
  • Optimized Sharpness Analysis Engine
  • 1/4"-20 Tripod Mount
  • Windows & Mac Compatible

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