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Photographic Solutions AEROCLIPSE Cleaning Solution Non-Flammable & Travel Safe

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The Aeroclipse Digital Sensor Cleaning Fluid from Photographic Solutions is a quick drying, streak resistant, and residue free cleaning fluid for your CCD and CMOS digital sensors, lenses, and filters. Aeroclipse has the same cleaning power as Photographic Solutions’ Eclipse optic cleaning fluid—the highest purity lens cleaner available—and, unlike the Eclipse, is non-flammable, so it’s safe for travel on airplanes. For the highest possible purity, which is necessary for cleaning your sensor, you should use the Aeroclipse solution with Photographic Solutions’ Sensor Swabs (not included). To clean your lens or filter, just remove any loose dust and put several drops from your 0.5 oz. bottle of Aeroclipse onto a clean Photographic Solutions PEC-PAD (not included) and lightly wipe your lens or filter’s surface in a single direction.

Volume: 0.5 oz (14.9 ml)