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The overwhelming advantage of rolling cases is the ability to carry lots of gear without putting strain on the photographer.  If you are traveling with gear that you need to be secure and organized, then rolling cases are the way to go.

The Think Tank Photo Airport Security has everything you need in a rolling  case and more. With customizable dividers, inner and outer storage pockets, and an expandable front pocket, this Think Tank case provides plenty of space while remaining lightweight. This case is ideal for any photographer who needs to move large amounts of gear. The Think Tank case includes:

  • A telescoping tow handle: Without a tow handle you would be stuck heaving heavy gear around. With a tow handle you are able to keep one hand free. You are also less likely to drop your bag and potentially damage expensive equipment.
  • Replaceable inline skate wheels: Wheels are the part of the bag that get the most use. Being able to replace a broken or worn wheel means your Think Tank case is built to last.
  • Included rain cover: The rain cover is a simple solution for unexpected wet weather and keeps you from having to scramble to protect your gear.
  • Included security cable and combination lock: It’s not always possible to keep your eyes on your gear, especially if your eyes should be on the subject you’re shooting. Being able to make your expensive gear immovable protects it from theft and gives you the freedom to work.
  • Security ID plate: Once you register your ID, your case can be traced back to you if it is ever lost.
  • Carry handles: Extra handles on three sides of the case give you more ways to move your equipment for a variety of situations.

Gear Carts

It’s very possible for an outdoor photographer to get stuck lugging around heavy gear over rugged terrain. For these types of situations, the small inline wheels of airport cases might not cut it. Try an Eckla gear cart instead. These carts provide a sturdy way to move your equipment over the rugged surfaces you find in the outdoors. They are designed specifically for photographers with features including:

  • Fold down shooting seats
  • Cargo hooks for bags and tripods
  • Rust proof aluminum frames

If you have any questions about our Think Tank rolling gear cases, give us a call! We are happy to help you choose your equipment for your next outdoor adventure. Don’t forget we offer free US shipping! Call us at (866) 810-2456 or email us at