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Rotolight RL48 Creative Color Kit V2

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RL 48-CCK-V2
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The Rotolight RL48 Creative Color Kit V2 combines a Rotolight light, stand, filter kit, and belt pouch.

Rotolight RL48-B LED RingLight Stealth Edition

  • 48 Ultra Bright LEDs with 80W equvalent.  4 hours of light on 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Slides onto and firmly stays put on most shotgun mics. Or, with the use of a Rotolight stand, it can mount onto DSLRs, camcorders, and other equipment via hot shoe or 1/4" - 20 stud.
  • Includes 3 CTO filters and 3 ND filters which adjust color to 6300K, 5600K, and 4300K and 3200K.
  • 110° beam angle produces a soft, naturally diffuse wide beam that eliminates shadows and red eye.
  • Can be accurately dimmed over 1.5 stops with the use of included ND filters. A 1 stop and a .5 stop combine using two filters, one for each.
  • Rubberized outer coating reduces reflectivity and acoustic resonance
  • Great for macro work, with your subject as close as 1.5".

Rotolight RL48-CFP Color FX Gel Filter Kit

Color Effects Filters:
  • 020 Medium Amber - for afternoon sunlight, candlelight, and side lighting.
  • 052 Light Lavender - for general areas and side lights, and for a basic followspot color as well as a backlight.
  • 063 Pale Blue - cool front light wash for creating an overcast look for cold weather.
  • 128 Bright Pink - for backlighting and side lighting
  • 182 Light Red - for theatre and television effect lighting
  • 712 Bedford Blue - a smoky warm blue for skin tones.
  • 730 Liberty Green - green for creating mystery and suspense.
  • 765 Sunlight Yellow - for producing a strong sunlight effect.

Cosmetic Filters:
  • 184 Cosmetic Peach - warm highlight or front light; complementary for most skin tones.
  • 791 Moroccan Frost - smoothes PAR or flood washes of large areas; useful for houselights and interior color washes.

Rotolight RL48 Stand

Has a 1/4" - 20 stud that can be attached onto anything that accepts studs.
Included hot shoe adapter which can rotate 360°


Rotolight RL48 ABP Accessory Belt Pouch

Holds and protects RingLight, Filter Kit, and Stand
Has room to hold a second RingLight.
Contains pocket for smartphone, and space for 6 spare AA batteries.
Equipped with waist belt and easy-fasten closure.


Total Weight
Approximately 1 lb (.45 kg)

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