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Ask photo workshop instructors the world over: the single piece of equipment that can improve your photography the most is a good tripod. We carry a selection of the best camera tripods we could find. Whether you’re looking for a professional level tripod to hold your full frame DSLR with a long lens, or searching for a compact but strong travel tripod, or are on the hunt for an easy-to-use monopod to help you steady your shots at your son’s soccer game, we have what you need.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber tripods are your most lightweight option.


Alloy Tripods

Alloy tripods are a more affordable and an only slightly heavier alternative to carbon fiber tripods.


Monopods are excellent for photographers who need quick stability for their camera and don't want to spend the time to set up a tripod. They are also the perfect choice for a photographer at an event or facility that does not allow tripods.


There are more ways to steady a camera than just traditional monopods and tripods. Simple beanbag supports  can be used to steady a camera or used to provide professional camera tripod support.

Carrying your monopod or tripod

Many of our backpacks are designed to carry monopods and tripods, giving you an easy and compact way to combine all your gear into one easy to carry bag. Having your tripod attached to your camera kit ensures you won’t accidentally leave it behind when heading for a shoot.

If you want some friendly and knowledgeable advice about the best camera tripods, give us a call! we can give you a personal recommendation to suit your particular photography needs. And don’t forget, we offer free US shipping!