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Westcott Mini Apollo Softbox for Flash Only

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Product Description

The Westcott Mini Apollo Softbox fits onto any flash or small strobe and mounts just like a standard umbrella. Umbrella frame Light Modifiers allow for quick set-up, require no adapter ring, and are great for studio or on-location photography.
The Mini Apollo eliminates red-eye, brightens colors and softens harsh light from flash. Its small size and slim profile is ideal for a hair light or accent light.


  • Unfasten the hook-and-loop tape from the three sides of the front diffuser panel and allow it to hang freely.
  • Stand the Apollo with the umbrella tip on a hard surface. Place one hand on the shaft of the umbrella and gently slide your hand down the shaft while pushing the ribs down toward the tip of the umbrella, until it locks in place.
  • Fasten the three sides of the diffuser panel back onto the softbox, and you are ready to mount the Apollo onto your light.

You can also download setup instructions here.

16 x 16" (40 x 40 cm)

Small Square

Flash only

Removable Front Face

Removable Interior Baffle

Accepts Grids

Requires Speed Ring
Not Applicable

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