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Better Beamer Flash Extender

The Better Beamer Flash Extender increases the range of your flash, shortens recycle times, reduces the drain on your battery, and increases your flash output by 2 to 3 stops while shooting with a 300mm or longer telephoto lens.

For many years now, the Better Beamer Flash Extender has been an essential tool for camera flash setups used by bird and wildlife photographers all over the globe. Better Beamer Flash Extenders bring out the fine details in a shot, even on a dark subject in the scene!

How to Find the Right Size

There are several models of the Better Beamer Flash Extender available to you. Please see the list below to determine which model will work best for your flash. If your flash unit is not listed below, scroll down to our fit guide to determine which model is right for you.

Available Sizes

FX-1: for Canon 430EZ, 199d, and 380, Nikon SB-24 and SB-28, Minolta 5200 and 5400, Pentax 5000AF

FX-1B: for Nikon SB-80 and SB-80DX

FX-2: for Canon 540EZ and 550EX, Nikon SB-25 and SB-26, Sigma EF-500 and Minolta 5600 HS

FX-3: for Canon 580EX, 580 EX II, 600EX-RT, Metz 54-4, Nikon SB-700

FX-4: for Nikon SB-600 and SB-800, Olympus FS-FL50R

FX-5: for Canon 430EX and 430 EX II, Pentax AF500FTZ, Sony HVL-F56AM, Sony HVL-55AM, and Metz 32CT3, Sigma EF-530DG, Nissin DI866

FX-6: for Nikon SB-900, SB-910, SB-5000, Canon 600 EX II-RT, Pentax AF540FGZ (needs extra shims)

Beamer fit guide

If your flash unit is not listed, measure the height of your
flash head or refer to your flash manual for exact measurements. Also note whether the side of your flash head is curved or straight.  Then check the following dimensions to determine the best size Better Beamer flash extender for your setup.  Please note that this method is an estimate for the closest fitting Better Beamer.  You may have to use shims to keep your Beamer stable on your flash. Better Beamer does not guarantee a perfect fit if your flash model is not listed.  

1 ½ “ (3.8 cm) curved side FX-4 

1 ½” (3.8 cm) straight side FX-1B 

1 9/16” (3.81 cm) curved side FX-5 

1 9/16 “ (3.81 cm) straight side FX-1 

1 ¾” (4.44 cm)  curved side FX-3 

1 ¾” (4.44 cm) straight side FX-2 

1 7/8” (4.76 cm) curved side FX-6

Replacement Lenses

If your lens gets scratched, the light output from the flash extender will decrease, and you should replace the lens. The Better Beamer Flash Extender Replacement Lens fits all models. And remember, always remove or cover the Better Beamer Flash Extender lens when not in use.

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