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WhiBal White Balance Reference Card

We designed and manufactured the WhiBal White Balance Reference Card to be the best digital Gray Card available anywhere. Every WhiBal Card is individually measured, ensuring that each WhiBal card we ship meets or exceeds our stringent specifications.

WhiBal provides you with a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to obtain accurate color when you shoot with digital cameras. It doesn't matter whether you shoot RAW or JPEG. WhiBal allows you to reproduce precise color in any shooting situation.

Having a Gray Card reference is the best way to assure the digital pictures that you capture will be properly white balanced. Only with a proper white balance can you guarantee accurate color, regardless of lighting conditions.

Unlike your eyes, a digital camera does not automatically see whites as white. It sees the color of the light reflected from the scene, hence bluish in daylight and more orange in incandescent lighting. By photographing the genuine WhiBal reference card in each lighting situation, you can achieve a proper white balance, with accurate, natural colors and no color cast.

Use WhiBal with today's software to balance the color casts that various lighting conditions produce with all digital cameras. The best method to properly White Balance your digital pictures is using a Gray Card and shooting RAW. RAW Conversion Software such as Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom, Capture One, and Photoshop can perfectly adjust all the shots captured under the same lighting conditions. The beauty of WhiBal is that it is small enough to fit in your pocket or around your neck.

What are the criteria for selecting a good Gray Card?

It must be spectrally neutral. In other words, it must be gray! Not close, but actual perfect gray. It will reflect all colors through the spectrum equally. WhiBal cards have both *a and *b Lab channel values of 0 (+/-0.5) and are therefore spectrally "flat." The *L value is 74 (+/-1). And each card is individually measured to certify this spec.

It must maintain its spectral neutrality under all reasonable temperature and environmental conditions. WhiBal does.

It must be physically rugged, waterproof, scratch-proof. WhiBal is. (the color is below the top surface, not just a coating on top)

It must maintain its spectral neutrality under all reasonable temperature and environmental conditions. WhiBal does.

The Gray Luminance value must be in a range that is good for digital cameras and not 18%. WhiBal rules! 

WhiBal Feature Summary

Pocket WhiBal fits in your shirt pocket. It's the same size as a credit card at 2x3.5 inches.It is basically indestructible, waterproof, etc.

Pocket and Studio Card versions come with a Tyvek storage sleeve.

Keychain card comes with an S-Hook.

Reference card comes with a Poly Storage bag.

All WhiBal versions are individually measured with a precision spectrophotometer to certify that each card meets or exceeds our stringent specifications.

WhiBal is minimally reflective. The black patch is intentionally highly reflective so that you may achieve maximum TrueBlack™ Blackpoint level by observing for maximum glare point and then backing the angle down.

The Gray area sets the precise white balance reference.

Black and White point patches are provided for reference.

Make Better Pictures From Your Pixels™ with WhiBal.

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