Frequently Asked Questions


Here’s a list of
commonly asked questions about Outdoor Photo Gear:

Does OPG have a retail
storefront I can visit?

Our offices and
showroom are no longer open to the public, but we'll be happy to schedule an
appointment if you wish to visit.

Does OPG actually
stock items on the website?

Yes, we stock
everything we sell for both retail and wholesale. All our inventory is right
here in our warehouse. We’re not the kind of website that has our stock shipped
by someone else.

Can I call to place an

Of course. Just call
us at (502) 244-2888 during business hours and we can take your order over the

Do you store my credit
card info?

No. Even though you
have to enter your card info in for each order, we decided to opt for the
highest level of security and not store your card number. We don’t even see
your card number with your order.

Do you ever give out
my email address?

Nope. Never. Not to

How can I check
shipping rates or expedited shipping rates?

You can add your items
to your cart, and once you put in your address, all your shipping rates and
options will appear, prior to you making any purchase decision.

Can I call to ask
questions about your outdoor photography equipment?

Absolutely. We’re
happy to answer any questions about our gear, and because we have our stock
right here, we can take measurements, snap phone pics, or double check
inventory for you.

Are you guys really

Yes, we are, and we
are passionate about our gear. We get excited when we get new stuff to tell you
about!  We use the items we sell.  Yes, we’re photo geeks.